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about solomonblake llp

What started as a Dream,
Very quickly became a Passion.
Now its a Lifestyle.

Wealth Creation

Ideas are derived from theories, but implemented through practice.

Creating wealth is not just about accumulating money. It is about developing a plan which allows you to generate and preserve a prosperous system. We strive for perfection, but it is continued progression which is key.

Trade Management

Proof is better than prediction

We trade across all major asset classes on over 15 global exchanges utilising our own capital. This allows us to diversify and grow through building and developing proprietary software, formulas and strategies to plan, execute and manage our trades.

Private Investment

Getting it right is better than being right

All funds are privately held and trading within our Structured Trading Program. This enables us to utilise our combined experience of over 40 years to position and adjust our exposure to any tradable instruments in a manner that will minimise risk and maximise reward. Please be aware that we currently do not accept any form of financial investment from external investors or clients.

One Firm, Worldwide