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A Breath Of Fresh Air

We work in a comfortable environment, yet we stay motivated and disciplined through our passion to be competetive, creating a stimulating atmosphere. When confronted by a difficult task, you want to assemble the best team for the job. No Compromise, No Failure.
"Success Favours The Brave"

The Team

An introduction to the team at Solomon Blake LLP

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Building for the Future

Our Beliefs

Solomon Blake LLP have a Trading Floor situated in Canary Wharf and our team consists of people who illustrate in-depth industry experience, effective monitoring and risk management.

Our team strives on passion, drive and exceptional talent with a strong history of generating consistent, positive absolute returns across market cycles with long standing real-time multi-strategies.

Investing across multiple geographies where an alignment of interests with investing is central to the structure of our business.

We also believe a robust infrastructure that emphasises strong financial and operational control and an international presence which allows us to invest globally whilst maintaining a commitment to transparency is essential.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Build a system that optimises your entry and exit on each trade, to maximise the return, minimise the risk, and increase longevity of your trading career.

Why Buy, When You Can Build

We believe the best trading strategies are the ones designed for you, not ones that come off the shelf, as no two traders are alike. Based on this, we help and support our traders to build a working model based around their ambitions, goals and lifestyle. Why change your life to suit your trades, when you can build a trade plan that suits and works around your life.

Join Our Team

At Solomon Blake, we pride ourselves on the integrity through which we conduct our business. If you believe you are innovative, have the passion to succeed and ideas you would like to convert into a profitable reality, we would be happy to hear from you.

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