Solomon Blake LLP



At Solomon Blake LLP, We believe that there are many ways than one to peel a banana. Based on this ideology, we understand that there are many different styles and system which are profitable.

Our traders acquire knowledge assisting them to make well informed decisions which allows them to profit from investing in multiple markets across the world.

Working in a meritocratic system allows each individual the ability to achieve advancement within the firm.

Supporting our traders and providing on-going training enables them to innovate, develop and adapt new methodology to their existing trading systems to stay up to date within market lifecycles which are ever changing. This assists our traders to execute trades with precision and discipline, through well managed risk efficient market exposure.

Each trader is an individual and has skills that differ from each other. This makes every trader within our firm valuable. This diversification means we are able to let our traders select their trades within their chosen markets which they are most comfortable with, which in turn allows the team to profit across the board.

parvinder chahil
U.K. operations manager

khonol lakhani
U.A.E. operations manager